Energy Without The Crash

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Natural Energy Investment

The most demanding projects call for that bit extra. Outperform with a savings bank of slow release energy you can count on.

Instant Results

Certified Organic Ingredients From Powerful Plants Combine To Give A Natural Boost, Aid Weight Loss And Increase Brain Function

Herbalist Approved

Yerba Maté Is Recommended For Fatigue, Migraines, Retention Of Liquid, Stomach And Liver Disease, Anxiety And Depression.

Delicious Taste

Anything Made with Lov Just Tastes Better. Crafted From Handpicked Organic Ingredients To Support Ethical Farming

Powerful Potent Plants

Four Organic Ingredients

Yerba Maté

A mix of natural stimulants and powerful antioxidants. Acting as a natural alkalizer to balance the bodies PH Levels reducing the cells susceptibility to disease. Sourced from an Approved Ethical Farm in Southern Brazil Our Yerba Maté Extract is the finest quality USDA Certified Organic you’ll find.


Used by the Amazonian Indians for thousands of years. Benefits can include weight loss, stress relief, enhanced mental focus and physical performance. Our Guarana Is Australian Certified Organic So you know its the highest quality.

Raw Cacao

Rich in magnesium and other essential minerals. May assist in slowing the ageing process, act as a mood enhancer and boost energy levels. Our Raw Cacao Is Certified Organic ritual grade cacao, the way nature intended it.

Maca Root

A grounding food with a nutty flavour known to enhance sexual health and libido by balancing hormones. May also improve learning capabilities and brain endurance. Australia Certified Organic means no nasties, pure powerful Maca.

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Energy Without The Crash

positive by change

“Blowing my mind!!”

The Energy Brew is blowing my mind!! I have never been able to drink coffee and it would result in headaches, and an upset belly! I have been trialling this out as an alternative and it is amazing, full of energy, super clear and it’s full of nourishing goodies. Oh and it get better – it tastes amazing. 

– Kylie // Yoga Studio Owner

“Loving this stuff”

Loving this stuff! haven’t had coffee in two weeks. Thank you both so much x

– Hazar

“OMG the Energy Kick”

Hi Guys I have finally tried your amazing brew. OMG the kick of energy I got from half a cup was unbelievable. It really works. I do know that with a coffee you get an energy kick but later you feel very tired. With Yerba Mate you don’t get those down moments. I really really liked it. Thank you so much xx

– Diana // Personal Trainer 

“Thank you”

I’ve just had the longest day. So emotionally drained and tired and I just sat down with my iced maté and all of a sudden I am calm and everything is clear again. thanks for such a beautiful product.

– Bri // Shift Worker

“Magic powder”

I too brought a bag of this magic powder as did a staff member of mine.. I love love love it and have (it) in the morning before an early morning shift and find I feel amazing for hours after. Ben has promised to work on supplying me with a 44 gallon drum. I can’t wait for that to happen.

– Kim // Pilates Studio Owner 

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Hot or Cold Water Soluble Powder


Boost Natural Energy Levels


Support Your Adrenals


Combat Anxiety And Depression


Reduce Water Retention


Reverse Coffee Side Affects

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